Contraceptives at Women’s Clinic Oman

We believe that everyone should have the right to whether and when they want children, no matter where in this world they live. We offer tablets for you or your partner so as not to fall pregnant without wanting any more kids just yet; injections that can stop pregnancy from happening at all by blocking sperm penetration into an egg cell’s interior space-even if it has already conceived -and patches on arms ready 24/7.

While we offer all kinds of contraceptives, we always make sure that both partners are informed and fully aware of these options before moving forward with anything. Whatever choices you make together, we will respect and help you get to the safest stage in such an important journey. It is a happy time for anyone when they’ve found out they’re expecting, but it can be tough if they’re not ready for kids at that particular moment.

We’re here to help you out every step of the way. Our dedicated doctors are always available via chat or phone call if you ever need them for anything! Come and see us today and give yourself the best chances in this life. It’s always up to you to understand all risks and consequences.

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